The Gum Dillema

After working with dental professionals for over 20 years and creating a countless number of oral care products, we noticed a recurring problem in patients: gum reces- sion. Most commonly caused by medium to firm bristle use, these complications lead to tooth pain, sensitivity, increased risk of cavities, and periodontal disease.

A New Approach to Toothbrush Design

The intensive development process began with the goal of creating a toothbrush that would revolutionize oral care. The focus needed to be in the bristle-it's the primary com- ponent that directly touches your teeth and gums. We knew that medium to firm bristles were off the table and needed to come up with a unique solution for gum irritation with bristles softer than any other in the sonic market.

Inspired by Nature

Inspiration struck when we looked to nature for answers and found honeycomb. Bees use the hexagonal shape for its efficient fit and incredible strength. And we wondered-how can this be applied to oral care? Taking cues from nature's ingenuity, we created a three-dimensional, hex- agonal bristle with a 0.01mm tapered tip. This fine of a bristle creates a feather-soft finish that's gentle on your gums while packing a heavy punch against plaque and build-up.

The ARU Mission

Our goal is to change the way we approach oral care by educating people on the why so they care more about the how. The ARU is a product that aims to stop oral problems before they start, delivering a better care regimen that doesn't break the bank.