Our Journey

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About the company behind ARU

In 2002, from the humble setting of a dorm room at Cal Poly Pomona, our journey began with a simple dream and a relentless determination to reinvent everyday experiences. Over the past two decades, we have honed our expertise in developing hundreds of products sold worldwide through dental offices and retail channels. Our core focus has always been centered around "Reinventing Your Everyday" by crafting innovative brands and products that truly elevate everyday life. Working alongside tens of thousands of dental professionals, we gained invaluable insights into their recommendations for self-care and discovered the key to addressing these needs through high-quality products.

Development process

We embarked on an intensive development process to create the perfect toothbrush that would revolutionize oral care. Our quest for excellence led us to focus on the bristle - the fundamental component that comes into direct contact with your teeth and gums. We discovered that many toothbrushes in the market had either abrasive or somewhat abrasive bristles, potentially causing harm to your gum line and enamel. Understanding the need for a brush that delivers an exceptional clean while safeguarding your oral health became our primary mission.

Brush Head Design

Inspiration struck when we looked to nature for answers. The hexagonal shape of bee hives caught our attention. Bees use this shape for its perfect fit and incredible strength. Taking cues from nature's ingenuity, we created a hexagonal-shaped bristle in three dimensions, offering a unique design that not only protects your gum line from receding but also reaches those hard-to-reach places with ease. Paired with tapered filaments that are only .01mm thick, ARU provides an unrivaled gentle clean that leaves your mouth feeling fresh and invigorated.

Starter kit idea

Our commitment to addressing the everyday needs of our customers inspired us to create the ARU Starter Kit. We didn't want to offer just a random assortment of items; instead, we carefully considered the practical aspects of your daily life. Whether you're traveling, have limited countertop space, or prefer a compact bathroom setup, our Starter Kit has got you covered. We've thoughtfully included essentials like a plastic cover to protect the metal shaft of your Sonic brush during travel, a compact charging stand with a wall mount option, and an impressive 30-day battery life for added convenience. We also provide a brush head cap to safeguard your bristles from bacteria and damage while at home or on the go.

Where are we taking ARU from here

This is only the beginning of our journey, and we invite you to be a part of our vision. Our mission is to bring you amazing products at incredible prices through our membership program. As pioneers in mass-producing personal care items, we have grand plans for the future. We envision an entire personal care assortment delivered right to your doorstep, offering unparalleled value compared to the costs you pay today.

Join us on this remarkable adventure as we continue to revolutionize personal care, one exceptional product at a time. Together, we'll redefine everyday experiences and ensure that every aspect of your daily routine is elevated with ARU.

Welcome to ARU - Where Reinvention Meets Brilliance.

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