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aru starter kit rose pink

look - I choose the rose pink and looks nice but the power cord is black(???) that should also be rose pink!!!
performance -bristles are soft and it does not cut my gums. With other toothbrush my gums have cuts when using toothpaste other than sensodyne but with ARU I can use any toothpaste and no gum irritation. With the slimmer head, it is easy for me to reach behind my wisdom teeth.
battery life - Went out of town and I didn't have to bring the charger. Have not tested if battery indicator works.
travel case - bad design for the brush head holder. You need to insert the brush head from the tip instead of from the base, without the cover otherwise it will not go thru.

Great service

Signed up for automatic refills and received my first replacement in just 2-3 days. Outstanding! Highly recommended the refills, its easy to forget to replace the brush head on your own. No more guesswork. Thanks.

ARU Starter Kit
Cheryl Wheat

I like this product a lot. It is easy to use. The bristles are not too hard; very comfortable. I get a thorough cleaning. Teeth feel clean and refreshed. I will continue to purchase this product in the future. Thank you.

7 Day Challenge - Junior

First electric toothbrush. Cleans teeth great. Was not a fan of the pretty small brush head.

First Time

This is my first electric toothbrush and I now know what I’ve been missing. The fresh feeling after using this product exceeds any normal toothbrush I’ve ever used, especially around the gums.

New to electric toothbrushes

I've never owned or used an electric toothbrush before. That said, I love this thing. It has a way of making my teeth feel cleaner and the process quicker. The various settings are really nice for the way that I brush. It took a while to get used to turning it off before taking it out my mouth because the tooth paste flies everywhere haha Overall a really great item.

Love it!

My first electric toothbrush. Takes a few days to get used to (it actually"tickles" a bit) but my teeth are noticeably cleaner. Absolutely love it.

It's a good toothbrush

I have used the ARU toothbrush both before and after having braces. Using the toothbrush while having braces was not the best experience because bristles are too soft to get the cleaning you need done. The bristles wore out too quickly against the metal, and I had a hard time getting my teeth clean. I also thought the toothbrush didn't clean all the grime off my teeth. After having gotten my braces off and trying the toothbrush for a second time, I've had a better experience with the toothbrush. I do like how gentle it is on the gums and the design of the toothbrush. When I first used it, I was disappointed because I felt like it still wasn't getting my teeth clean. I realized I had the toothbrush on the lowest setting, so I amped it up. Using a higher power has made a world of difference. So, yeah, it's a good toothbrush.

ARU Starter Kit
Armando Zendejas
7 day challenge -armando

Amazing toothbrush highly recommend best toothbrush I’ve used and has a perfect timer on it as well the color is nice and easy to charge .

ARU Starter Kit
Armando Zendejas
7 day challenge -armando Z

Really good toothbrush 10/10

ARU Starter Kit
Richard Moss DDS
Excellent toothbrush

Very good electric toothbrush. Nice design good job cleaning my teeth
Works as well as Sonicare

Great toothbrush!

I really like this toothbrush. I have used different sonicare and OralB electric toothbrushes and this feels the best. Soft, gentle bristles and teeth feel very clean afterwards.

ARU Starter Kit
Jason Borroel
Exceeded all expectations

I was given this toothbrush as part of a 7 day trial, but this does not skew my review of this toothbrush - I am being honest about my experience. For context, I have been using this toothbrush on the "whitening" mode with the softest vibration setting.
I was honestly quite skeptical of this toothbrush at first, and I thought with such a steep price I'd be disappointed in how it would perform. Those doubts almost immediately vanished. I've never gotten such consistently great results out of a toothbrush! I've recently had my teeth cleaned at the dentist, and the cleaning I get from this toothbrush comes pretty close to how I felt when I left the dentist's chair. This brush provides such a gentle clean that I am absolutely certain that neither my teeth nor my gums are being hurt by it. Even with great technique on a manual toothbrush (I previously used the Colgate Gum Health Extra Soft), my Colgate brush pales in comparison to the ARU.
I'm a big fan of the ease of use (sonic toothbrushes are very easy to get used to), the timer on the brush, and the way the bristles feel. While the bristles are gentle on my mouth, I'm still able to feel where I have and haven't cleaned. Comparing these bristles to those of a big-brand toothbrush marketed as "ultra soft," the ARU's bristles still blow it out of the water.
I can't recommend this toothbrush enough. This is a stellar toothbrush kit if you have the wherewithal to spend on it.

ARU Starter Kit
Keira Souvanthong
Better than my old toothbrush

I like the Aru toothbrush more than my old one. I feel like it cleaned my teeth a lot more and using the different modes definitely made a difference. When i used my old one, my teeth didn’t look as clean as they would when I use the Aru one, and i also didn’t like the way my teeth felt after using my old one. My old one also felt very harsh for some reason.

ARU Starter Kit
Omar Elfiky
Omar's ARU Review

I recently purchased the ARU sonic toothbrush, and I must say it has exceeded my expectations in many ways. The innovative design, coupled with its advanced features, truly sets it apart from my previous manual toothbrush.

Firstly, the ARU's brush head design effectively reaches between my teeth and into hard-to-reach areas, providing a thorough clean that my old manual toothbrush couldn't match. The built-in timer and three cleaning modes are valuable additions, ensuring I spend the recommended time brushing and allowing me to customize my routine based on my oral health needs. The four-week battery life is very convenient. The inclusion of a travel case and mirror mount is a thoughtful touch, enhancing the overall convenience of the ARU toothbrush. The waterproof handle adds an extra layer of durability, and I appreciate the attention to detail in ensuring the longevity of the product. In comparison to my old toothbrush, the ARU stands out not only in terms of performance but also in the overall oral care experience it provides. The difference in cleanliness and the noticeable improvement in gum health make it worth the investment.

What I like:
-Innovative hexagonal brush head design for thorough cleaning.
-Slim and gentle bristles combat plaque effectively.
-Built-in timer and three cleaning modes for a personalized routine.
-Impressive four-week battery life.
-Travel case and mirror mount for added convenience.

What I don't like:
Honestly, there's very little to dislike about the ARU toothbrush. If I had to nitpick, the soft finish might not appeal to everyone, but it's a minor consideration given its overall effectiveness.

Overall, very happy and satisfied with my purchase !
Omar Elfiky

I have always been a fan of electric toothbrushes as I have felt they clean your gums for efficiently than regular toothbrushes. However, I haven’t found the perfect electric toothbrush that gives you a powerful dentist-like cleaning while staying gentle on my sensitive gums. That is until I tried the ARU toothbrush. This toothbrush is phenomenal! I haven’t had a toothbrush clean this good in ages. It’s gentle but incredibly effective. The three different settings allow me to choose which clean is best for me in that moment. When I’ve had a garlic heavy meal, the second setting is best. When I just want a general minty fresh feeling, the first is perfect. 

My only issue with this toothbrush is that the brush head itself does not lock in place. I tend to brush for the full 2 minutes and sometimes after a minute and a half, the brush head slips off from the water or just general brushing movement. 

Other than this, this product is excellent and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants the best clean of their life. 

ARU Starter Kit
Raiya Crosson

This toothbrush is definitely a game changer! It leaves my teeth feeling super clean, and even though I wasn't a fan at first, it just takes a second to get used to. However, the only downside I found is that it's a bit tricky to brush my tongue effectively. I'd suggest using a separate tongue scrubber for that extra clean feeling. On the bright side, I love how everything, from the toothbrush, case, charger, and mount, all match perfectly. It gives off a cohesive and stylish vibe. Oh, and the plastic cover for the brush part is a nice touch too! But my favorite feature has to be the timer. It really helps me ensure that I'm giving my teeth the best cleaning they deserve. Overall, this toothbrush gets a thumbs up from me! This is my old toothbrush compared to my new one.

Better than I expected !

The Aru Toothbrush is similar to the Philips which is what impressed me! It gives you such a deep cleaned and refreshed mouth in a lil as 2mins and 30secs or so lol It actually does that deep cleaning job like if you went for your follow up cleaning at the dentist office. It’s a gentle type of toothbrush that’s provides intensity modes and different cleaning modes. Although it can improve the filaments and bristles to top it 💯 I was using standard mode wasnt so impressed until I used a different one each day to feel the difference of how it helps with the plaque and debris and smooth whitening and I honestly think that spec improved would top the base of the toothbrush. But, my overall experience using this toothbrush was great and impressive to have found a second option! Y’all it also has the most amazing cute creative packaging for each color 😍 comes with a Tavel case, a magnet holder, and so much more. Thank You Aru for giving the opportunity to try this product out and give my honest feedback.

Below is my review of my new ARU toothbrush. The three different cleaning modes offer me a great clean that I would get after the dentist.

Highly recommend. See my thoughts below.

ARU Starter Kit
Osmayda N.

I use a manual toothbrush and replace it about every 3 to 4 months. I never had the urge or desire to try any electric toothbrush.  When I first received my ARU toothbrush I thought it was just like any other electronic toothbrush and did not have any expectations. The box was sleek and impressive. The contents inside were a travel case and a protection cap plus charger. I waited to try my new toothbrush until it was completely charged. At night time, I brushed my teeth for the first time and was surprised by the power of the toothbrush. The toothpaste did not stay on the bristles once I power it on. So I had to put the toothbrush in my mouth with the toothpaste before turning it on. I was surprised at how soft the bristles were on my gums and teeth. After my first cleaning I noticed that my teeth felt super clean and smooth. I have trouble with tartar and have to have extra dental cleanings with my dentist. But brushing with the ARU toothbrush makes my teeth feel extra clean and I can't wait to see what my dentist says on my next cleaning. 

Hello, my name is Pablo Agustin, and I was a reviewer of the ARU toothbrush. My first impressions of the packaging and travel accessories of ARU were that it was very professional-looking. It looked appealing, with slick and smooth packaging and a convenient travel pack. The first time I used the ARU toothbrush was a little weird. The vibration of the toothbrush made my mouth tickle, and it was difficult trying to brush my teeth. After seven days of using ARU, I felt great with this toothbrush. The tickling sensation went away, and the toothbrush had a good feel to it. I looked forward to brushing my teeth, and this product was as great if not better than a regular toothbrush. Personally, the toothbrush was a bit difficult to use in the beginning. Setting the different types of speed was no problem, but trying to get to the other modes was difficult.
My favorite feature of the ARU toothbrush was the bristle. I have had bad experiences with toothbrushes that have tough bristles and have made my gums bleed, and overall I have had a bad experience with them. But with the ARU toothbrush, the bristle is very soft, yet you can get just as good a cleaning with any other toothbrush. The thing I least like about the ARU toothbrush is how you select the modes. Having to press the power button a certain way to change modes resulted in a struggle between turning off the toothbrush and skipping over modes because of having to continuously press the button and missing your intended mode. It most definitely felt different. I did not mind having to go back to my simple toothbrush when compared to the ARU. I believe the ARU gave me a better result in the end, as it helped me reach areas of my mouth and teeth where the big head of my old toothbrush couldn’t get to without problems. I would love to use the ARU toothbrush I have for the foreseeable future, as it has caught my attention. As for a membership, I do not see myself subscribing to membership as I would only want to replace my current toothbrush when I know it is time to get another. Unfortunately, I do not like the idea of a talking toothbrush. I think that the constant movement of brushing your teeth would make the audio not understandable and would most likely be a bother. As I wrote above, I do not think this is a good idea as it would likely be a bother. Why incorporate this feature on your toothbrush when something else more convenient, such as your phone, already does a great job of that for you? I have nothing else to add apart from the fact that I had a great experience with the ARU toothbrush, and I will most definitely see myself buying more products from them in the future.

ARU Starter Kit
Erick Gonzalez

The ARU Toothbrush has to be the best toothbrush that I have ever used with respect to general brushing and cleaning. From the soft, gentle bristles to its different modes that don't harm you with their intensities, it's the perfect toothbrush. I don't envision myself returning to my old toothbrush anytime soon, or maybe ever.

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ARU Starter Kit
Andrea Herrera

Upon receiving and opening the ARU toothbrush, I was impressed by the thoughtfulness throughout the packaging. The aesthetics helped push one of the brush’s main described features, gentleness. The instructions for the brush were kept simple and easy to understand. The beginner’s guide included in the box isn’t overwhelming, making the product not so intimidating to use. The brush itself had some weight to it making it feel like a luxury item. The travel accessories were a nice inclusion and worked well for storage. Using ARU the first time was a little awkward as I felt that the toothpaste would spray off the brush a lot, even on lower frequency settings. This wasn’t a problem later on in the 7-Day challenge as I got more familiar with using the brush, but it felt a little messy at the start. The whitening mode was one of the cleaning modes I enjoyed using the most. After the first use, I could feel a difference, there was no plaque on my teeth. It was a sensation similar to having a professional cleaning done at a dentist’s office. My gums are on the sensitive side so I do tend to bleed during both professional cleanings and regular brushing, but I didn’t bleed a single time using ARU. The softer bristles on the brush definitely helped prevent any irritation from occurring. The intensities of the cleaning modes were gentle and felt non-stripping while still providing a deep thorough cleaning regardless of what mode the brush was set to. At the end of the week, I did notice a slight lightening in my teeth which had a lot of staining, which I was elated to see. The thing I liked least about the product was the “reminder” programmed into the 2-minute timer. It’s stated that the brush will remind you every 30 seconds to switch to a different section of your mouth to brush, so I was expecting an audio reminder. The toothbrush, however, would simply stop vibrating and then continue to vibrate. The first day using it I kept thinking I’d somehow turned off the brush while moving my fingers on the handle. Even after realizing this was meant to be the programmed reminder, I continued to mistake the stop in movement as a mistake on my half. Adding some sort of audio cue or option for an audio cue would definitely help to avoid this confusion. Returning to my old toothbrush on the 8th day made the difference between my old brush and the ARU toothbrush incredibly clear. The thicker bristles on my old toothbrush felt harsher than they had in previous weeks. In comparison, the ARU toothbrush head was also easier to maneuver in my mouth when cleaning my back molars. I definitely preferred the ARU toothbrush compared to my previous toothbrush and will continue to use it. I’m not completely sold on the membership but, I do like the fact that it sounds like it produces less environmental waste. A feature I would like to see implemented into the product in the future would be an option for a rubber backing for tongue cleaning. Some of the cleaning modes and intensities could work well with the feature and it reduces the need to buy an entirely different tool such as a tongue scraper.

Overall my experience using this product was a positive one and I believe buying the product is definitely worth it. The price may be off-putting for some, but you’re paying for a good quality item that will last you as well as results that show. I’d recommend ARU to those who have sensitive gums and struggle with tooth discoloration. I can also see this product as being helpful to those who suffer from joint pains or problems in their hands, as ARU does most of the work with its cleaning modes.

The ARU toothbrush is a great product. After using it for almost a month, I can already see and feel the difference. The best part about it is the softness it brings, while still cleaning the teeth. I used to use an Oral-B and it was so harsh on my gums it would cause them to bleed and recede. I can feel the difference when using the ARU that it is much softer on the gums.

I also enjoyed the fact that it has three different modes. My main goal with my teeth is to get them whiter and the whitening mode on the ARU toothbrush does just that. It also vibrates in 30-second intervals making sure you cover each section of teeth. The ARU toothbrush makes me aware to brush all teeth in a timely manner. Great product!